When Everything Else Fails A Good Lawyer Can Help You

Joan and Bill Allstant were a typical Dallas couple with two incomes and to all appearances they were living the American Dream. Unfortunately this was before the financial crisis hit a few years ago. Joan was let go from her job handling customer service for a large corporation. That job was outsourced to a third world country because they could do it for one tenth the cost. Bill sold real estate and was one of the highest paid real estate agents in the area. When the housing market crashed, he found his income falling faster than the snow in the Rocky Mountains. Soon their credit was used up and they felt like they were overextended on everything. They were about to lose their home and become destitute when a fort worth bankruptcy lawyers stepped in and saved the day.

The Options

Most people don’t have any idea what options they have and that is how it was for this Dallas couple. They were embarrassed to have gone from the high life in society to needing money badly. The savings went first as what they had hoped would be a retirement, slowly disappeared from their joint bank account. Then slowly credit was used to help make ends meet. At first it was a few dollars that they hoped they would be able to pay back. Then there was more and more money expended and the hope of a new job would allow Joan and Bill to get back up on top of their accumulating mountain of debt. Soon though as no new job prospects can their way, the savings was gone and the credit was building into something that was out of control. Soon they couldn’t pay back their debts and they were harassed by bill collectors at all hours of the day. Finally they reached the end of their rope and called a Dallas bankruptcy attorney.

Saved the Day

One of the first things the Dallas bankruptcy attorney was able to do was to get all of the collection calls to stop immediately. It was a relief for them to be able to answer the phone without getting the third degree from a sleazy collection agent. Secondly, as they worked with their attorney, they realized that their situation wasn’t totally hopeless and there was a chance that they could reclaim their rightful place. This nice young couple took control of their situation and became the masters of their fate. Being proactive saved Joan and Bill’s relationship and future.